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Restorative Dentistry in The Woodlands, TX

Dental problems like injuries, cavities, and tooth loss can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean the pain and difficulty they cause has to last. Instead, find the relief you deserve at Bear Branch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Kelly LeBlanc and Dr. Virgil Gutierrez offer several restorative services designed to rebuild lacking oral structure and revitalize the health and happiness of your mouth. Your satisfaction is important to us, and our team in The Woodlands, TX always provides care that’s friendly, personalized, and exceptionally skilled. 

Crown & Bridge

Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth have strong negative effects on both oral health and overall quality of life. Thankfully, crown and bridge treatment repairs these serious issues providing smiles much-needed structure and stability. Better yet, all-ceramic restorations are available offering a more natural appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

In most cases, the last thing the dental team at Bear Branch Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants is to have to extract one or more teeth from your smile. To prevent this, root canal therapy may be the solution. This procedure involves our team accessing the inner chamber of a badly damaged tooth removing diseased pulp and bacteria to successfully restore damaged teeth. Root canal therapy has a high success rate, and many treated teeth last for the rest of the patient’s lifetime.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

There are rare situations where extraction actually benefits oral health and overall wellbeing, and this is never truer than with wisdom teeth. Because of their late arrival in a patient’s smile, wisdom teeth usually don’t have enough room to erupt leading to overcrowding and higher risks of infection. Here in The Woodlands, TX, our doctors have the expertise and precise touch needed to handle wisdom tooth extraction as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Removable Dentures

Dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and today, they’re still often preferred by many patients who suffer significant tooth loss. Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Gutierrez offer both full dentures (designed to replicate an entire arch of teeth) and partial dentures (designed to replicate a unique arrangement of missing teeth on one arch). Both of these options are removable, which simplifies their cleaning and storage. If you’re looking for a little more security in reconstructive solutions, please ask our staff in The Woodlands about implant-retained prosthetics.