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February 13, 2017

4 Dental Care Tips from Your Dentist from The Woodlands, Tx

Quality preventive care and a good oral hygiene routine at home can keep you from seeing your dentist in The Woodlands more often than you have to! Everyone wants to have a great smile but it takes more than visiting your local dentist in The Woodlands, TX to do so! Maintaining good oral hygiene can help you to avoid future dental and medical problems such as gum disease, bone loss, infections, and more. Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Leblanc can do their part by providing the professional cleanings and preventive care that you need, but we also hope for you to do your part. Here are some tips on how to maintain good oral health in between dental visits at Bear Branch Family Dentistry.

1.    Brush and Floss Regularly.

Brushing is one of the easiest steps to keeping your teeth clean. Make sure to brush the gum line, both the outside and inner tooth surface, and your tongue to remove the most harmful bacteria. Try to brush at least twice a day alongside flossing. Flossing may not come as easily to some patients. However, flossing allows you to reach between your teeth in the small crevices your toothbrush cannot reach to remove food and plaque that may have otherwise been stuck there even after brushing.

2.    Use Mouthwash After Brushing and Flossing.

Not all mouthwashes are useful, but mouthwashes containing Listerine or chloride dioxide are very helpful. They help to kill and maintain the harmful bacteria in your mouth. You also get that clean, minty feeling because mouthwash helps to freshen your breath. Although it cannot carry the whole weight of your dental routine, it can be the cherry on top of your dental routine at home.

3.    Consume Healthy Foods and Drinks.

Your teeth and gums are a part of your body, and as any other part, they need good nutrition to function properly. Foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorous help to keep your tooth enamel strong and healthy. Firm, crunchy foods high in water and great for your teeth because chewing produces natural saliva, which is a natural neutralizer for bacteria that causes cavities. From preventing cavities or periodontal disease to even freshening your breath, the foods you consume can match the fanciest toothpastes on the market.

  • Calcium—almonds, yogurt, cheese, seafood, milk (low-fat), and tofu.
  • Phosphorous—pumpkin seeds, fish, nuts, eggs, tofu, and broth.
  • Firm, water enriched foods—celery, apples, cucumbers, and carrots.
  • Vitamin D—cod liver oil, egg yolks, and fish.
  • Vitamin C—bell peppers, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, and kale.
  • Antioxidants—berries, grapes, cherries, eggplant, tea (green), and cocoa.

4.    Monitor Your Indulgences.

Limit your consumption of sodas, coffee, and other staining drinks. It is also important to limit your alcohol and tobacco use. This will be a big favor to your teeth. By monitoring your intake of toxins to your body, you could be saving yourself from oral cancer and periodontal complications. Yes, our dentists can check your mouth for signs of these severe dental problems, but we hope that all of our patients are doing their part to keep themselves healthy.

In addition to visiting your dentist every 6 months, it is important to still maintain good oral health practices at home. Remember, early detection and treatment starts with you and maintaining awareness of your teeth and gums. Communicating with your family dentist in The Woodlands, TX is also key. Call today to schedule your checkup and cleaning!

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