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April 28, 2017

We Help Restore Spacey Smiles with Dentures in The Woodlands

How can dentures in the Woodlands help you?Dentures seem to have the stereotype that they’re only effective for older patients. This isn’t necessarily untrue because dentures are the perfect tooth replacement solution for anyone that’s lost multiple teeth, even in various places of their mouth. Partial dentures in the Woodlands provide our patients much-needed stability to not only enjoy the foods they love once again and speak clearly, but also restore their confidence from having a spacey smile. If you’re missing several teeth in a variety of spots in your mouth, you may be interested in how Bear Branch Family Dentistry can help you.

Understanding Dentures

Finding a good replacement option is probably your top priority if you’ve lost several teeth in your smile. Patients assume dentures are only for senior patients that have lost a whole (or both) arches of their teeth—until they realize partial dentures are the perfect option for them.

Although our older patients tend to make perfect candidates for this type of dental restoration, dentures can also benefit a lot of other patients as well.

  • Versatility: There are several types of dentures available, including full and partial sets. Complete (full) dentures are ideal for patients that have lost the majority of their teeth. Partial sets are for patients that need to fill gaps or spacing within their smile.
  • Function: Our dentures are designed to be comfortable, beautiful, and fully functional. We can restore your ability to eat and speak clearly.
  • Aesthetics: Our dentures are crafted from high-quality dental materials to perfectly match your natural teeth.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures typically have realistic looking replacement teeth fixed upon a gum-colored acrylic base. You may be picturing the dentures you’ve seen on TV—the full arch. But, partial dentures can be custom created for you to fill the holes in your smile. It doesn’t matter if you have a missing molar both missing bicuspids, your partial denture from your dentist in the Woodlands will fit in your mouth like the perfect puzzle piece.

Combining Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

Dental implants and partial dentures really go together like peanut butter and jelly! Without dental implants, many dental prosthetics would remain unstable and cause other embarrassing dental problems. Although partials do a great job at replacing teeth, without the correct amount of stability they can slip or cause further jaw bone deterioration from being held by suction or adhesives.

Dental implants force them to stay in place, eliminating those issues altogether. Your implant-supported dentures will make it easier to speak and eat. You will also be able to eat the foods that you may have had to otherwise eliminate from your diet altogether. The surgically implanted titanium tooth root in your jawbone provides revolutionary levels of stability for partial or full dentures. That’s why Bear Branch Family Dentistry provides an “implant-supported denture” option for our patients. We can attach your dentures for the most durable, stable tooth replacement.

Visit Bear Branch Family Dentistry

If you’re looking to replace teeth but still want more security when it comes to reconstructive dentistry, look no further. Our dental practice would be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals to discuss partial dentures and dental implants.

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