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August 5, 2017

Back to School Cleaning From Your Dentist in The Woodlands

boy at dental appointmentWhen summer vacation winds down to its end, it can be a hectic time for families. You have to make sure your kids can get to and from school safely, you have to go shopping for school supplies, and you might want to meet your kids’ teachers as well. You may balk at the thought of putting anything else on your back to school list, but there is at least one more item that it should contain: Back to school cleaning from your dentist in The Woodlands. Why are regular cleanings so important for children, and how can you make dental appointments as easy as possible for your little ones?

Cleanings Prevent Dental Problems

There are few things more precious than a child’s smile, but your children might not be smiling as much if their teeth aren’t in good shape. A thorough professional cleaning by a children’s dentist in The Woodlands can:

  • Remove plaque buildup. Plaque is the icky substance that leads to tooth decay. A dental professional can remove this enemy of oral health from places that your kids might miss when they’re brushing their teeth.
  • Identify issues before they become severe. A tiny cavity now can become a huge cavity later if isn’t taken care off as soon as possible. The dentist can also check for any potential problems with the way the jaws and teeth are developing.
  • Teach your kids good dental habits. If twice-yearly visits to the dentist are part of their routine when they’re young, your kids are more likely to carry this good habit into adulthood. Also, the friendly folks at the dental office can give your children tips on how to brush and floss properly. Maybe the dentist will even be able to convince your little ones to say no to sugary treats!

How Can You Make the Appointment a Success?

If the idea of taking your children to the dentist seems a bit overwhelming, take the following steps to cut the stress:

  • Plan ahead. A lot of other parents may be taking their kids in for back to school cleaning, so schedule your appointment ahead of time in order to get a slot that is convenient for your family.
  • Be enthusiastic about dental care. If you have anxiety when you go to the dentist for your own appointments, your kids might catch onto that. Set your worries aside and talk up all the positives of maintaining excellent oral health.
  • Pair the dental appointment with something fun. You could offer your children a small reward for being good at the dentist, or you could plan a special family dinner for after everyone has their appointments.

A professional dental cleaning can help get the school year off to a good start. Why not schedule appointments for everyone in the family so all of you can have bright and beautiful smiles?

About the Author

Doctors Gutierrez and Leblanc are your dental experts in The Woodlands. At Bear Branch Dentistry, they provide preventive services, such as cleanings, in addition to other dental procedures that help their patients live healthier lives. If it’s time for your children to get their teeth cleaned, or if you have any questions about oral health, contact the office at 281-419-2327.

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