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November 28, 2016

Why Dental Implants in The Woodlands, TX Are For You

Why would I want to get dental implants in The Woodlands, TX? A few times a year, you and your friends like to treat yourselves to a nice dinner at Robard’s Steakhouse. You usually order the filet, and it’s always divine. Tonight is the night you were supposed to go, but you cancelled. You can’t remember the excuse you gave your friends, but nonetheless, you’re staying home. Your missing teeth have made it difficult to eat a variety of food, particularly steak. The last thing you want to do is go to your favorite restaurant and not be able to order what you want. Something needs to change; you need to get your teeth back. Dr. Virgilio Gutierrez and Dr. Kelly LeBlanc want you to know why dental implants in The Woodlands, TX are the best solution to your problem.

Why Dental Implants?

Your teeth are composed of two basic parts: the root and the crown. Most restorative procedures only repair the crown above the gum line. This still leaves you vulnerable to the gum recession and jaw atrophy that is common after tooth loss. The only way to stop and reverse them is by replacing the root, and that is exactly what dental implants do.

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is placed into your jaw. This new root serves two purposes. First, it provides a secure and sturdy base for your new tooth. Secondly, it helps restore the health of the surrounding bone and gums. It is able to do this because titanium is bio-compatible, meaning that it naturally bonds with your jaw after it has been placed. This causes your body to renew blood flow to the area, revitalizing it. Dental implants are the only procedure that can do this.

Dental implants are usually topped with a porcelain crown, which gives you a natural looking tooth that is just as durable as your other teeth. Dental implants are also one of the most versatile ways you can replace your missing teeth, as they can restore a single tooth, anchor a bridge, or even support a set of dentures. Implant supported dentures have been shown to be better than traditional dentures in all aspects, including fit, look, and reliability

What is the Procedure Like?

After you have met with Dr. Gutierrez or Dr. LeBlanc and they have decided that you are a good candidate for dental implants, the procedure involves 3 basic steps:

  • Dr. Gutierrez will place the titanium post into your jaw
  • You will be given 3-6 months to heal
  • Finally, Dr. Gutierrez will place your new crown

Dr. Gutierrez is able to perform the entire implant procedure himself, unlike many other practices that would need to refer you to an outside specialist. This helps make the entire process faster, and assures that you will always be working with the same doctor you trust.

The first part of the procedure involves a small incision in your gums, but this surgery can often be completed with only local anesthesia and has minimal recovery time. The 3-6 month period is mostly to allow your new root time to firmly bond with your jaw. Once your implant has been completed, you only need to brush and floss it regularly to keep it looking beautiful for decades.

Have Questions?

Dental implants are the most complete and reliable way to replace your missing teeth available today. In fact, they have a 98% success rate. They can give you your smile back like no other procedure can. If you think dental implants could be the solution for you, make an appointment with your dentist in The Woodlands, TX today.

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